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Technical Writing Associates

We Write Your "Stuff"
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We're remote freelance experts in:
Email Marketing Campaigns ✔
Proofreading and Editing ✔
Technical Writing ✔
Technical Editing ✔
User Manuals ✔
Newsletter Campaigns ✔
Training Materials ✔
Training Workshops ✔
Curriculum Material Presentations ✔

Writing documentation is not a goal itself.
The purpose of any piece of documentation
is to teach.

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What are your needs?
We are freelance writing and training experts in:


We are proofreaders and editors for documents, emails, press releases, newsletters, training materials, and curriculum documents.

If you need documents proofread and/or edited by experts -- let us be your source.  

Technical Editing

We've all bought products which require assembly or following instructions to get them up and running. I'm sure you've found those "how-to" paragraphs to be dense, unclear, full of jargon, obviously written in China or Japan or by an engineer who had never taken a course in writing clear, informative, English instructions.

Send us one of your documents. Let us show you how we can produce revised, clear, concise, readable "stuff." Let us be your source.

Political Writing and Editing

We are designers, editors, and publishers of:
                    • political emails
                    • political brochures
                    • political newsletters
                    • political reports
                    • political flyers
                    • political posters
                    • political mail campaigns
If you need experts for your campaign, let us be your source.

Technical Writing

We design, edit, and produce:         
                    • marketing emails
                    • user manuals
                    • brochures
                    • catalogs
                    • newsletters
                    • reports
                    • flyers
                    • posters
                    • specialized publications

If you need documents which can be read by the average Joe -- let us be your source.  

User Manuals

We've researched, written, edited, and produced large and small user (how-to) manuals -- from a few pages for a school to a manual for a multimillion dollar Navy contract. As team leader of 6, starting with a previously-written 30,000-page user manual, my team edited, refined, and re-designed the manual to do the job in only 18,000 pages. 

If you need a user manual for your school, business, hardware, or software -- let us be your source.   


For 15 years, we've founded, written, edited, and published periodicals, journals, and newsletters. 

If you need a newsletter -- in print, or online -- let us be your source.

Training Materials

If you need training materials for a project as small as a class unit for a school or as large as a presentation for a software or hardware product -- let us be your source.

Training Workshops

We've successfully created and presented to hundreds of organizations and to audiences of many hundreds.

If you need a trainer for a large or small workshop
-- let us be your source.

Curriculum Materials

We taught Algebra and Geometry courses in a high school in New York. We were disturbed by students asking questions in our Geometry course which showed a woeful lack of understanding of basic geometrical concepts. We developed and implemented a course in their Algebra year called Mathematics Laboratory. The course included compass and straightedge constructions, making three dimensional figures by drawing two dimensional figures to cut out, fold, and paste into cubes, boxes, and pyramids, and perspective. Student success in their following year Geometry course was greatly improved. 

If you need creative curriculum materials -- let us be your source.

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We Write Your "Stuff."
We Edit Your "Stuff."
We Train Your Staff and Clients.
We Help You Reach Your Clients.
We're remote experts in:
               ✔ Email Marketing Campaigns
              ✔ Technical Writing
              ✔ Technical Editing
              ✔ User Manuals
              ✔ Newsletter Campaigns
              ✔ Training Materials
              ✔ Training Workshops
              ✔ Curriculum Material Presentations

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