"When Dr. Isaacson takes on a project he's is a ball of fire and an excellent communicator on every topic he addresses. His background in math and technical communication makes him an ideal choice to document complex projects and his easy disposition makes him a joy to work with." 
- Geoffrey Dutton, Perfidy Press

"Your newsletter stands out as intelligent, articulate, and informative amidst all the low-brow rants I see from both the left and the right." - Elinor Williams

" I admire all that you do!!! You are reaching people!!"
- Prof. Robert Watson

"Dan Isaacson’s publication, The Enlightened Voter, is a highly informative civic education newsletter that has illustrated the importance of civics education in increasing voter turnout. The newsletter includes original material as well as contributions by nationally-known columnists. It is extremely well written and researched. At a time when Florida is one of America’s most important swing states, educating the electorate can be instrumental in the outcome of elections. All voters in Palm Beach County ought to read The Enlightened Voter."
- Tom Gabor and Christene Campbell-Gabor . All the best, Tom Gabor, Ph.D. Author, "Confronting Gun Violence in America"  ([email protected]

"I'm halfway through this month's issue  of The Enlightened Voter and am very impressed."

"Thanks, Dan, for the newsletter. I look forward to the excellent reporting."

"Looking forward to receiving it. This is such a valuable asset."

"I would like to subscribe to your publication online. It was a pleasure reading the April issue of The Democratic Voter. I look forward to reading more issues."

"This issue is a masterpiece.  It really zeroes in on 'Truth, Justice, and (unfortunately NOT) the American Way.'  This issue is an excellent marketing tool for TDV, and should help to generate some new readers as well as some donors.  It really hits the mark. "
-Debra Kanter

"Congratulations on the work you are doing. I hope that you get every support possible to continue the work you are doing."

"Dan.  Great issue.  The 75 ways article on socialism,  outstanding.  Take care... -Martie Wrock

"You’ve put together a top—notch publication! This is such a valuable asset. Your work has been outstanding! Congratulations!” — Bob Terpstra


“Mr Isaacson’s unique pre-geometry class taught me simple and complex skills I continue to use more than 50 years later. I learned how to use a protractor, compass, and T-square ruler. I learned how to draw in 3-D, maintaining perspective on the horizon. These skills and the perspective helped with simple drawings & sketches and helped me better understand artwork, such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces... or the architecture of the Parthenon. My sister and I still talk about how much fun the class was - in addition to its impact and applicability."
Sara Imershein MD MPH FACOG

"If facts form the proper basis of politics, Dan's publications are the best tools the party's neighborhood teams have." -Hon. Mark Allan Siegel

"Dan, your work has been outstanding! Congratulations!"

"I'm so happy to support The Enlightened Voter. It's by far the best civic education outlet online. If you're hungry for knowledge and ways to get engaged in our political system, TEV is the ticket." – Olivia Povedano

"Really great issue Dan!!!  Each month's edition is great, but this is an especially good issue that I urge everyone to read!" - Jayne Chapman

"A friend sent me your newsletter.  It’s brilliant and just what we need." - Heather Rabinowitz

"I wanted to tell you that I read every inch of The Democratic Voter. It is a terrific publication and full of helpful hints and a wonderful vehicle for getting out the Democratic message to the county voters. Thanks for all your efforts." - MJ Range

"It's beautiful/powerful.  Stuff people need to know and understand." - Roger Messenger

"Great newsletter.  The article 'What’s So Awful About Requiring a Government Issued Voter ID?' should be published in every single newspaper in the United States and read as a PSA on all radio and TV stations.  I’d like to see the Rs go through this process.  After the first 15 minutes, they would change the law."
- Maggie Davidson

"I can’t tell you how much I love and admire The Enlightened Voter. I always print out my copy to read leisurely, and to lend to others so they’ll come to learn those highly important facts you so adroitly present.  You may have noticed how many people I forward my subscription to, trying to encourage them to subscribe and donate. At some point last year, I was able to get our Dem. Club’s board of directors to make a nice donation for your Spanish language version."
-Heather Rabinowitz

Knowledge is power, and this newsletter provides the truthful knowledge that empowers Americans to make the right choices. I’m proud to be a part of it.”
-Nancy Morse, Assistant Editor

This is such a valuable asset.”
- Roxanne Harris, President North County Democratic Club 

Thank for your incisive reports to readers about important issues." - Marilyn Winer

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